Carmen Jaeger

Pure joy, fire and transformation

The ever-present magic of my job is the fire. I love to melt metal; to see that glowing material transform into a liquid. 


It always strikes me as a kind of alchemy that I can transform the materials of the earth into elegant, wearable jewellery. All the techniques I work with seem to be rough; melting, hammering, milling, sawing, filing and soldering. These techniques transform a piece of metal into a treasure. Something rough into something beautiful and timeless. That is pure joy!


During my training in Germany I learned the craft of goldsmithing and silversmithing from its purest foundations, including in-depth knowledge of metals and gems. I honed my trade in over 20 years of working with master goldsmiths, and in galleries of contemporary jewellery design in Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe.


Now I'm living in picturesque Lunenburg at the South Shore, Nova Scotia, which is an inspiring place to continue creating my art.