Carmen Jaeger

Pure joy, fire and transformation

The ever-present magic of my job is the fire. I love to melt metal; to see that glowing material transform into a liquid. 

 It always strikes me as a kind of alchemy that I can transform the materials of the earth into elegant, wearable jewellery. All the techniques I work with seem to be rough; melting, hammering, milling, sawing, filing and soldering. These techniques transform a piece of metal into a treasure. Something rough turns into something beautiful and timeless. That is pure joy!

During my training in Germany I learned the craft of goldsmithing and silversmithing from its purest foundations, including in-depth knowledge of metals and gems. I honed my trade in over 25 years of working with master goldsmiths, and in galleries of contemporary jewellery design in Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe.


Since 2013 I'm living in picturesque Lunenburg at the South Shore, Nova Scotia, which is such an inspiring place  to continue creating my art.




Jennifer MacQuarrie

Jennifer started her Goldsmithing Apprenticeship with Carmen in 2018 and the timing could not have been better.

Jennifer had spent the previous seven years staying home raising her two children and when the two of them finally headed off to school she was ready to start a new chapter. With a biology degree Jennifer never imagined she would end up learning from Carmen Jaeger, accomplished Goldsmith for 20+ years, and fabricating precious jewellery in gold and silver. Many years of travel and the move to Lunenburg with her family in 2014 taught Jennifer to be open to new possibilities and she feels grateful for this opportunity. 

Jennifer loves the quiet work time at the jeweller’s bench creating new pieces combined with time interacting with our amazing customer base in our storefront here in Lunenburg. “There is never a dull moment and never a lack of new skills to learn. Taking a piece of metal and turning it into something beautiful to wear is the right mix of challenging and satisfying. Watching a customer walk out of the store with something you have created with your own hands is a truly gratifying experience.”

In January 2024 Jennifer decided for a career change and had left the gallery. She will be dearly missed and is hopefully coming by as often as possible for coffee and chats.

Photos taken by Brooks of Canada