Hypoallergenic, highest-quality materials

Your jewellery should feel wonderful on your skin and be able to be worn everyday with comfort. My jewellery is made of sterling silver, 18k palladium white gold or 18k yellow gold. With custom works I offer also 14k gold alloys.

What is alloy?

Usually the precious metals that are used for jewellery making are alloys. It makes the material firmer and the jewellery will last longer. 

That means for 18k yellow gold, for example, pure gold is melted and mixed with an specific amount of pure silver and copper.

I only work with nickel-free materials

Sterling silver and white gold jewellery that is produced in the US and Canada can contain nickel that produces itchy rashes for people who are sensitive or allergic.

I avoid working with nickel-containing materials, because I´m allergic myself.

All alloys I work with are skin-friendly

If you have had bad experiences with silver jewellery, you should give it a try again. Sterling silver and white gold are high-quality and highly wearable materials.